Friday, May 6, 2016

Car Seat and Child Defenses

We used a few products to help make the car more functional (and more protected from) for our 2-year-old daughter.  In addition to using a car seat protector, I modified a black bath sheet to also go under the car seat protector between it and the leather of the back seat.  Since we have a black interior, a black sheet was the obvious choice.  I folded it in half, sewed it together with a quilt-like pattern, and modified to slip over the headrest.  The car seat protector goes on top of it.

We also bought the BMW Seat Back Organizer, which had to come from Germany.  It's a quality piece.  Much nicer than the $20 equivalents sold on Amazon.  We like it because it clips under the seat bottom, instead o wrapping around the front seat like a belt.  Also bought a seat back "kick matt" to prevent scuffing on the other seat.

Kick mat on the left, BMW Seat Back Organizer on the right

Black bath mat, then car seat protector, then the car seat.

40"x80" Turkish Spa Large Bath Sheet, Luxury, Eco-friendly 650 Grams (Black, 40" x 80"), Amazon, $32.99

ROYAL OXFORD Luxury Car Seat Protector - Extreme Heavy Duty, Obsidian Black Leather - Bebe by Me International, Amazon, $26.97

Total cost of this mod = $201.93

Total investment in vehicle to date = $1064.36r

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