Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plug-in Torch, Ashtray Delete, Key Protector

We aren't sold on the key cover, so we just bought one for one of the keys and we'll try it.  It does make the key bigger, but it also perfectly protects it.  The plug-in torch is a neat gimmick, supposedly constantly charging while it is plugged into a cigarette lighter.  We put ours into the cargo area, plugged it in, and left it.  Oil baggie and 1 liter of LL-04 BMW diesel oil got stored under the cargo deck.  Front ashtray delete is nice because it's soft rubber, better than the stock hard plastic ashtray when it comes to storing change that rattles.

Plug-in Torch, BMW 63310432670, $30.00r

Oil Baggie, BMW 83292158848, $5.79r 

1 L Motor Oil BMW Long Life 04 Diesel 5W-30, BMW 83212365949, $7.99r

Dual USB Charger, BMW 65412311598, $40.00r

Black leather key case, BMW 82292344033, $39.00r

Front Ashtray Delete Panel, BMW 51169267952, $9.32r

Total Cost of this mod = $132.10r

Total Investment in Vehicle to Date = $386.88

Various phone charging cords in various lengths (Amazon), a small USB hub (Amazon) for the center console, BMW's own dual USB charger, the fancy Comfort Access leather key cover (pretty big, jury still out) and thew ashtray delete panel.

LED torch flashlight, oil baggie, and 1 liter of BMW diesel oil.

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