Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Floor Mats and Cargo Box

The F15 X5 comes with carpet floor mats.  Great.  This car is going to work for a living so we upgraded ours to rubber Floor Liners.  For the passenger floors in the first, second, and third row, we went for BMW's Floor Liners, which are actually a re-branded WeatherTech product.  We have owned WeatherTech products before and we like them.  They are made in the US and they fit and work great.  The mats we chose should not be confused with the BMW All-Weather mats which are a different product.  The All-Weather mats are very heavy and styled, but they don't have the exact-fit or high side walls of the floor liners.  They do look nice though.

For the cargo area, we did not go with BMW/WeatherTech, but instead with the Taiwanese MaxPider floor liner.  The MaxPider cargo mat is nice because it is made to accommodate the folding 3rd row seat: it has a crease built-in.  Time will tell if it works as well as the WeatherTech stuff.  But, on the surface and for first impressions, sadly, it is a better product than the BMW/WeatherTech.  The entire back surface is covered in loop-like velcro.  The material feels more expensive, slightly softer than WeatherTech, and the look is more modern and fitting of the X5.  And, at least for the front row, the MaxPider mat for the driver's side covers the whole dead pedal, not just half of it like the BMW/WeatherTech one.  I think if we did it again, we would buy all MaxPider mats instead.

In the cargo area, when you have only a few items, they can roll around and create a mess.  To help prevent this, or at least contain it, we bought BMW's folding cargo box.  This is nice because you can keep it with you all the time, folded flat, and only use it when you need it.

The Grocery Gripper was a long-shot.  It is not designed for the F15 X5 but I had seen them before and liked them.  Tricky to find a spot where it can fit when you have the 3rd row option.  It's nice for holding several thin plastic grocery bags or other lighter-weight items that you want to hang.  I haven't found a good spot for the F15 yet but will keep looking.

Front floor Mat Set, BMW 82112285514, $115.00r

2nd Row Floor Mat, BMW 82112285517, $95.00r

3rd Row Floor Mat, BMW 82112285519, $85.00r

MaxPider Cargo Liner, M1BM0551309, $109.60r

Folding Cargo Box, BMW 51472303796, $46.00r

Grocery Gripper, BMW 82110306544, $24.95

Total Cost of this mod = $475.55r

Total Investment in Vehicle to Date = $862.43

Grocery gripper shown in box on the left.  See other articles for the oil baggie and the LED torch flashlight.

Gratuitous third row shot

Not wild about the fit of the driver's mat on the dead pedal

The made-in-Taiwan mat was actually really, really nice.

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