Friday, October 14, 2016

F16 Leather Knee Pads

For this mod, I followed the excellent how to provided here:

The only deviation/change I have is with respect to installing the passenger side knee panel.  The F15 X5 center dash does angle slightly towards the driver.  It is not as obvious as say the E30 center console, but it is biased to the driver.  This creates a clearance issue for the passenger side panel.  The front clip of the knee pad cannot mate with the female slot on the center console.  There isn’t enough space.  My solution, which wasn’t mentioned in the link above, was to leave the 2 T20 silver screws out of the new bracket (comes with the knee pad part).  This way the bracket can float a little.  Dock the metal locking tab into the center console completely.  Then drive home the 2 silver T20 screws from the passenger side.  This will help greatly.  In fact, I cannot see doing it any other way without scratching something.  Other than that, this is a great mod.

51169299125, Left Knee Pad, Black Dakota Leather with Black Stitching, $263.14r

51169299126, Right Knee Pad, Black Dakota Leather with Black Stitching, $263.14r

Total cost of this mod = $526.28r

Total investment in vehicle to date = $3721.40



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